Mid-Michigan Photography Club July 2021 Updates

August MMPC Meeting

An in-person meeting of the Mid-Michigan Photography Club is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday August 4, 2021. Given the recent pleasant weather and the response to recent outings, we will try to meet outdoors. We will meet at Island Park in Grand Ledge. There is parking behind the Masonic Lodge at Harrison and River Street. Additional parking is available behind the downtown businesses. Bring your camera and tripod. We will walk around Island Park and the Opera House Garden. We can also walk across the bridge and around downtown.

This is Michigan. In the event of inclement weather, an alternate online event will be held and an announcement will be sent to the MMPC email list and will posted on the MMPC web site at http://mmphotoclub.net. Plans for upcoming MMPC meetings are on the MMPC website calendar page at http://mmphotoclub.net/calendar/. The web site calendar has been updated to show dates through June 2022.

MMPC has been informed that First Presbyterian Church plans to reopen this Fall and that MMPC will be allowed to use the facility. The MMPC Board has decided to carry out plans for August, September, and October outdoor meetings. MMPC plans to hold meetings at First Presbyterian Church beginning in November, 2021.

Save The Dates – Upcoming Outdoor MMPC Meetings

The Mid-Michigan Photography Club is planning to hold outdoor meetings as long as the weather holds. Plans include:

  • Wednesday August 4, 2021 – Grand Ledge – Island Park
  • Wednesday September 1, 2021 – Downtown Lansing – Rotary Park
  • Wednesday, October 6, 2021 – Location to be announced – Light Painting

Big Cookie – June Meeting

The “Big Cookie” is the quarterly friendly photo competition sponsored by MMPC. All present at the meeting may vote for the “People’s Choice” photo. A panel of non-participating judges will offer critiques of all submitted photographs and will select a photograph for the “Judge’s Choice.” Criteria will include technique, composition, and use of the theme. The Big Cookie competition was last held in March 2020. The Big Cookie will return at the September 2020 MMPC meeting. The theme for the September 2020 Big Cookie competition is “SKY.” This is the theme that had been announced for the June 2020 meeting. We are encouraging submission of original images that are not composites. Programs such as Photoshop include tools for “sky replacement.” There is an appropriate place for these tools. We encourage participants to use good judgement in the Big Cookie competition.

MMPC Board Election

The MMPC Board meets regularly. The Board meeting schedule is posted on the calendar at http://mmphotoclub.net/calendar. The list of the current Board members is at http://mmphotoclub.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/MMPC-Board-Members-03212021.pdf.

Recent meetings have been virtual, rather than in-person. We continue to welcome any MMPC members who are interested in serving on the Board. An election will be held before the October 2021 meeting for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and MMPC Board Member at-large. Pam Hastings-Albright has agreed to be nominated as Secretary, Karen Towner has agreed to be nominated as Treasurer, and Karrie Baker has agreed to be nominated as member at-large. The election will be held during the October 6 meeting, as required by the club’s by-laws. Please contact any MMPC Board member if you are interested in being nominated.

Possible MMPC Gallery Show

The MMPC Board had started discussions about venues for a potential Gallery Show. As we move forward, we want to get input and feedback from MMPC members. We will be contacting venues with the idea of holding a Gallery Show in the future. Of course, these plans could change. Thanks to those who responded to the poll on the Facebook page. We will keep you informed as plans develop.

MMPC Photo Challenge

Thanks to all who have contributed to the MMPC Photo Challenge. The July theme is J is for… A gallery of the photos is on the web site at http://mmphotoclub.net/monthly-challenge/. If you do not use the Facebook group, send your entry by email to mmpclansing@gmail.com so that we can post it to the Facebook page. Discussion of the photos, beyond simply liking the picture, is encouraged. The current and upcoming monthly themes for the photo challenge are:

  • July 2021 – J is for …
  • August 2021 – Car Insignia