Mid-Michigan Photography Club April 2021 Updates

May MMPC Meeting – Scavenger Hunt

An in-person Old Town Scavenger Hunt activity of the Mid-Michigan Photography Club is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday May 5, 2021. Given the recent pleasant weather and the response to the Fenner outing, we will try to meet outdoors. We will meet in the Parking Lot at Cesar Chavez and Turner, near the Fish Ladder. There is no need to extend your hunt beyond Washington on the West, Cedar on the East, the Fish Ladder on the South, and Clinton Street on the North. Bring your camera and tripod.

This is Michigan. In the event of inclement weather, an alternate online event will be held and an announcement will be sent to the MMPC email list and will posted on the MMPC web site at http://mmphotoclub.net. Plans for upcoming MMPC meetings are on the MMPC website calendar page at http://mmphotoclub.net/calendar/.

MMPC has been informed that First Presbyterian Church plans to reevaluate use of the church when the current Health Order is changed. The MMPC Board has decided to hold outdoor and virtual meetings because of the restriction on group activities under current health orders, the uncertainty of plans for activities at First Presbyterian Church, and our concern to prevent transmission of the coronavirus and to protect the safety of MMPC members.

Possible MMPC Gallery Show

The MMPC Board had a good discussion about exploring venues for a potential Gallery Show. As we move forward, we want to get input and feedback from MMPC members. We will be contacting venues with the idea of holding a Gallery Show no earlier than late October or November of 2021. Of course, these plans could change. We need your input as we move forward. Please let us know your likely participation using the poll on the MMPC Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/midmichiganphotographyclub or by email at mmpclansing@gmail.com.

MMPC Photo Challenge

Thanks to all who have contributed to the MMPC Photo Challenge. The April theme is glass(es). A gallery of the photos is on the web site at http://mmphotoclub.net/monthly-challenge/. If you do not use the Facebook group, send your entry by email to mmpclansing@gmail.com so that we can post it to the Facebook page. Discussion of the photos, beyond simply liking the picture, is encouraged. The current and upcoming monthly themes for the photo challenge are:

  • April 2021 – Glass(es)
  • May 2021 – Leading Lines